Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are looking for best price, succession or a new specialty for your practice…

The process of Merging or Acquiring a CPA firm raises questions and sometimes complex issues can arise.

Let us be your dedicated M&A resource.

Whitman Business Advisors help CPA firms navigate the somewhat complex process of merging or acquiring a firm. Our range of expertise is quite diverse and we are specialists in the CPA firm marketplace.

We are committed to your confidentiality. Every transaction, every “deal” that we are involved with, whether representing a seller or a buyer is absolutely confidential. When we represent your firm, you can be 100% confident that we will give you undivided interest through each phase of the assignment. Our client relationships are built on experience, professionalism and a level of sophistication that affords our clients attention to detail while preserving a high level of confidentiality.

We serve clients throughout the United States.


Acquiring a Firm

When you engage WHITMAN BUSINESS ADVISORS LLC to identify and locate a firm for you to purchase we will: Extensively interview you and identify your requirements Regularly communicate our progress with you. Bring you qualified acquisition candidates. Be your liaison through the acquisition process. Work... ---> Read more

Selling or Merging

Every business owner comes to a point in time when they must decide whether or not to sell the business – we call this “Succession Strategy Time.” The reasons are aplenty – whether for retirement, health reasons, a need to have someone else take the... ---> Read more


If you require financing to acquire a firm, WHITMAN BUSINESS ADVISORS LLC will assist you in locating the necessary financing. We deal with all sectors of the financial community. This ensures that the financing required is at the most attractive terms and rates available.