The A Team Outsourcing

a-team-outsourcing-logo1The source of outsourced Bookkeeping Controller, CFO and Audit Prep roles

Whitman Transition Advisors, in Strategic Alliance with The A Team Outsourcing, is ready and able to solve your interim and short-term staffing and service shortages.

From savvy and strategic CFOs and COOs focusing on your top and bottom-lines, to technically sound controllers, to top-notch full-charge bookkeepers, The A Team offers talent to take your business to the next level.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate resource for your clients for Bookkeeping, Controller or CFO level work the A Team is the solution.

What makes A Team Outsourcing the solution for your client needs?

  • Staff is salaried with benefits which reduces turnover
  • No outsourcing – all work is done by full time employees
  • Onsite or remote services available
  • Audit prep to improve your realization
  • CFO’s all have 20 plus years of experience

By outsourcing all, or a portion of, your finance or accounting function, your company acquires a necessary skill set quickly and at a significantly reduced cost. Paying on an hourly basis, for only what you need, allows your company to avoid the costly overhead of employee hiring, training, and benefits.

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