Bluestone+Killion – The Power of Networking

bluestonekillionBluestone+Killion coaches and trains its corporate and professional firm clients nationwide.

Their programs improve networking and relationship developments skills, to drive an organization’s profitable growth while accelerating careers and enhancing personal and family lives of each team they work with.

B+K has an adjunct coaching team of successful, highly-experienced professionals from various sectors including technology, accounting, HR, manufacturing and others.

Andy Bluestone and Jack Killion, the parners in Bluestone+Killion, have developed their networking and relationship development skills over years of coaching others, as well as using these tools to drive profitable growth for their other diverse businesses.

They bring a hands-on, real life, street-smart approach to coaching these critical skills.

Together with Bluestone+Killion, WBA can help you grow your firms client base and more through superior networking and relationship development.

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