GattoAssociates – Game Changers

gatto2Helping WBA clients win the recruiting and retention wars by bringing a “Game Changing” Training & Development Platform to its CPA Firm Clients.

Rex Gatto, Ph.D. is an internationally known speaker and author whose insights and breakthrough research on the characteristics of U.S. management have helped organizations enhance their productivity and individuals enrich their lives.

With their expertise, WBA firm clients will get expert support making better hiring, promotion, and training & development decisions.

Gatto Associates, LLC is a consulting firm that provides:

  • Online Assessment for CPA’s,
  • Training and Development,
  • Coaching,
  • Strategic Planning,
  • Talent Management,
  • Pre-Hire Assessment, and
  • Mentoring Programs.

Gatto works with CPA firms of all sizes and has developed assessments to specifically measure individual performance as well as firm development.

Gatto, who has consulted with CPA firms for 20+ years added, “As we were talking through the myriad of opportunities to collaborate in helping CPA firms and the synergies between our companies it dawned on me that WBA plus Gatto Associates would make 1+1=100 for our target clients.”

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