Superpower your Partner Team

WTA presents GoalForge™ A proven people-centered process that will superpower your Partner Team to guide firm-wide vision, performance & profitability.

When your Management Team knows the direction of the Firm and has the skills to foster global alignment with those pillars and strategic priorities, the sky is the limit!

Goal-setting is critical in helping to further enhance partner skills, knowledge and abilities, which all contribute to the Firm’s success. 

We center our process on FOUR success pillars that are common in all CPA & professional services firms. Each partner’s goal must be in alignment with:

  •  Leadership & Management
  •  Growth
  •  Profitability
  •  Talent

Firm-wide strategic goal-setting within the context of a national CPA firm offers several benefits:

Alignment: Get everyone on the same page, going in the same direction, using their unique talents to achieve the same ends.

Clarity: When expectations and targets are clear, it becomes easier for each member of your team to focus their time, energy and resources.

Motivation: Moving toward a common greater purpose provides a sense of unity that inspires action.

PerformanceLeadership that knows where it’s taking the firm elicits the best work from the best talent.

Managing partners who know where they're going make better leaders. Better leaders inspire amazing teams.

Great teams thrive and succeed with:

  • Open and clear communication to ensure everyone understands the goals and their role in achieving them.
  • Regular performance feedback to motivate best actions and swift movement forward.
  • Access to the resources and support needed to achieve the goals, such as training, tools, and technology.
  • Coaching and mentoring to develop skills and allow each team member to reach their full potential.
  • Unleash the full potential of your strategic plan & pillars through personalized goal-setting for each partner.
  • Streamline goal-setting with a collaborative, transparent, and user-friendly process.
  • Ignite partner performance by balancing critical contributions across the entire firm, not just by practice area or office.
  • Nurture a culture of connection that drives success and strengthens the entire firm.
  • Clarify the links between performance, business results, and rewarding outcomes for partners and principals.
  • Ensure equitable and consistent firm-wide assessments and measurements.

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