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logo_myITadvisorypartner_tag_FINALHow Do You Support Your Clients’ IT Risk and Control Needs?

Any IT assurance professional can provide financial audit support… but only the largest firms have the resources to retain specialists representing the full spectrum of IT advisory services…UNTIL NOW.

Whitman Transition Advisors brings you My IT Advisory Partner to help you maximize the value you deliver, lower your risk and assure your clients that you are proactive about their IT risk and control needs.

SOX/ Audit Readiness

Specializing in internal controls risk assessment for financial audit, our IT Advisory and Assurance professionals each bring 20+ years experience to assist your clients. Whether preparing for their first audit or simply needing extra hands on deck, My IT Audit Partner has the perspective and experience to ensure your client is ready.

Cybersecurity Compliance

Across the increasingly complex landscape of business today, ensuring your associates are taking appropriate measures is important to all of your stakeholders. Your clients’ exposure to failure by others to handle their data appropriately, leaves them increasingly exposed to potential loss. Our cybersecurity services help you and your client identify and mitigate risk.

Staff Augmentation

No matter the depth or scale of your security project, My IT Advisory Partner likely has a solution for you. We have developed strategic sourcing arrangements to augment our staff and yours.

Other Services

  • Controls Optimization
  • Risk Assessment
  • Data Analytics
  • M&A /Divestiture Support
  • ERP Implementation and Rescue
  • IT Strategy/PMO Oversight
  • Internal Audit Assessment / Development
  • AICPA Approved Professional Development

The combination of WBA and My IT Advisory Partner can bolster your security and compliance, and give you greater peace of mind from one click to the next.

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