Partner Retreat Facilitation

Success equals results!

Partner retreat facilitation vs partner retreat facilitation success.

At Whitman Transition Advisors, our approach to retreat planning and facilitation is unique.

Our focus is turning the plans and opportunities agreed upon at the retreat into actions that have an impact on the firm.  If you are looking to have a fun couple of days away and put your notes on the shelf to collect dust… Whitman Transition Advisors is not the right solution.

If you are looking to make an impact on your firm call us at  (844) WBA-TEAM today.

Phase 1

Pre-engagement and in-depth assessments

Before we accept a retreat engagement all partners complete an online assessment. This assessment allows us to benchmark the firm in many areas, the most critical being the four pillars of a world-class firm.

Upon review of the assessment and acceptance of the retreat facilitation engagement we will meet with each partner for 90 minutes to discuss assessment views and planning opportunities.

Phase 2

Retreat facilitation success goals

Based upon our conversations with stakeholders we craft an agenda that is targeted towards the achievement of specific firm goals. These include:

  • Your success Path for the firm
  • Recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest
  • Growth opportunities
  • Succession opportunities
  • Increasing firm profitability
  • Partner productivity planning
  • Merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Partner compensation planning

Phase 3

Whitman Transition Advisors in action

The retreat: We set up ground rules and then work together for 2 days to accomplish the goals set forth in phase one.

  • Day one we’re getting all of the challenges on the table and discussing potential opportunities
  • Days two and three we come back after “sleeping on” all the issues and we make decisions and put into place an accountability model and timeline.

Phase 4

Post-retreat implementation and follow up.  

The magic that begins at the retreat becomes true magic when you start implementing and executing on the actions agreed upon at the retreat.

Whitman Transition Advisors Commitment

When you engage Whitman Transition Advisors to facilitate your retreat we are with you for the next 24 months.

Post retreat we will immediately set a date for the next annual retreat.

We will meet with you monthly and help you with the strategic goals that were set.

With Whitman Business Advisors spearheading accountability you will achieve amazing results!

Going forward at future retreats we will move on to new goals, not revisit the same challenges you may have had the previous  year.

We are so confident that we will help you get the results you desire—assuming your partners participate with the spirit of cooperation—that we have a satisfaction guarantee. Simply put, if you’re not happy with our services, don’t pay our invoice.

Talk to us today about how our custom designed, structured partner retreat can impact your overall firm performance and profitability.

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