Top Talent Acquisition For Your CPA Firm

Your team forms the foundation of your firm’s success.

Our team will help you build the team you need.

At Whitman Business Advisors, we help you build that strong foundation by attracting top talent within your specific niche. Our talent acquisition process makes it possible for you to hire the right candidates without devoting your valuable resources to time-consuming in-house recruitment.

Whether you’re looking for a partner with a book of business, a tax manager, or someone for a specific niche within your company, we can help you find and hire the right candidate for that role.

To ensure you attract the right talent, Whitman Business Advisors conducts a preliminary interview to determine their technical proficiency, as well as their ability to fit with your organization’s culture. This helps us find candidates who will hit the ground running as soon as they’re hired.

If your firm is looking to hire at the partner level, Whitman Business Advisors will meet with you, walk your halls, and learn about your firm, so that we can best sell an opportunity to targeted candidates. We also attend and facilitate initial introductory meetings. This allows us to be a fly on the wall and provide instantaneous feedback and laser coaching.

Our Talent Acquisition Process

Our talent acquisition process is an efficiently streamlined process. We will communicate with you regularly, and if we send you a candidate, you’ll certainly understand why. We don’t send blasts of unqualified candidates and hope that something sticks. Instead, we work carefully with your company to identify the qualities you need. We then use this information to carefully mine talent.

Whitman Business Advisors is a boutique firm that has great relationships with solid, reputable CPA firms throughout North America. We take a stake in advancing your career!

DEMAND FOR CPA TALENT IS AT AN ALL-TIME HIGH. Whitman Business Advisors LLC has a reputation for combining the best people with the best firms. And we know people… everywhere.

We can assist your organization with every staffing need.  It is very challenging to maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market for CPAs.  Let us help you ensure that your new hire is successful.

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