SPEED – Because Anything CAN Happen

A True Story:

A sole practitioner passed away suddenly.

His non-accountant son was left with a business, five employees and 100+ clients…and nobody who knew anything about how to run it.

We immediately introduced the son to several CPA firm clients, one of which acquired the assets of the firm, and preserved not only its viability, but retained the staff and clients.

The family was able to monetize the practitioner’s lifetime of work, instead of the practice falling apart.

You likely focus effectively on the the day-to-day of your business.
But what about your most important endeavor–Creating a Plan for Succession.

And for that… we present:


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(Sole Practitioner Emergency Exit Document)
because “Anything” does happen!

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Here’s how that scenario above turned out:

“Thanks again for everything Phil. If you’ve ever had those moments where you wonder whether or not what you do matters, I’m here to tell you: Your work Matters!
I’ll never be able to fully explain how grateful I am for the guidance and counsel you gave me during those couple weeks, along with the introductions you made to all the firms. Our family would not be in the position we find ourselves today if I hadn’t met you.
More than that, you helped me find a way to ensure my father’s legacy will continue for years to come. And that means a great deal to me personally. Bottom line – thank you.” ~ Anonymous (Son of Sole Practitioner)

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