Monmouth County, NJ, March 2, 2015–

Today Whitman Business Advisors (WBA) announced a strategic affiliation with SynergiSocial, a New Jersey-based social media strategy firm. synergi

Affiliation will offer an unprecedented range of products and services for accounting professionals and firms nationwide

“In August 2014 my colleague David Wolfskehl, COO of Whitman Business Advisors met with me and challenged me by saying – ‘You say you can generate leads with social media? Prove it,’” said David Deutsch, Founder and Chief Strategist at SynergiSocial.

“In less than three months SynergiSocial had generated about 28 warm leads for WBA, a pipeline total of approximately $3 million. We all realized fairly quickly the incredible opportunities we could create for our CPA firm clients by making SynergiSocial a strategic affiliate of Whitman Business Advisors,” said Philip Whitman, CEO.  “Having David join our team as our Director of Social Media and Online Strategy is beyond exciting to me, as I believe he will be critical to our growth and market differentiation.”

David Deutsch added, “Joining Whitman Business Advisors will provide me with access to an amazing platform where I will be able leverage multiple growth strategies on behalf of my CPA firm connections, as well as providing a streamlined process for WBA clients looking to generate additional revenue via social media.”

SynergiSocial will continue to operate as an independent firm and as a strategic affiliate of Whitman Business Advisors, where, with its proven return on investment, it will offer a wide range of social media services for CPA firms including lead generation.

About Whitman Business Advisors

Whitman Business Advisors LLC is a national consultancy that services CPA’s and CPA firms exclusively. Its’ six pack plus of services include: merger and acquisition, talent acquisition, partner retreats, training and coaching, lead generation and practice management consulting to small, medium and large firms across North America, from sole practitioners to world-class global firms.

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About SynergiSocial

SynergiSocial specializes in putting multimillion dollar warm leads into their clients’ sales pipelines with social media. Since 2010 they have offered social media consulting services to trade associations, business groups, for-profit companies and non-profit organizations across the United States.

For additional information, Press contact: David Wolfskehl, 732 397 8489​