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Anthony Millaci

President & CEO

As a principal/partner/owner in the Digital Office Technology Industry since 1982 – and now an Expense Reduction Consultant, Anthony’s main focus is improving the profitability of his clients by way of cost-effectiveness. His experience is working with the senior financial leadership of law firms, regional and national corporations, financial organizations, medical facilities, architectural/ engineering firms, non-profits and universities. He shares the best practices in profit maximization, digital workflow transformation, cost reduction and improvement in operational efficiencies and process.

Anthony J. Citrolo, CPA

Managing Partner

Anthony J. Citrolo, is a CPA and the managing partner and founder of Strategic Merger & Acquisition Advisors, The NYBB Group and NYBB Commercial Real Estate, Inc. He is also a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor, Certified Business Intermediary and Licensed New York Real Estate Broker. In his role as managing partner, he works directly with business owners, guiding them through every aspect of the selling or acquisition process, and also works closely with M&A Advisors and staff on the financial and operational analysis of each case to ensure that there is a maximum benefit and value in each transaction. Anthony is a CPA with more than 35 years of experience in business management, tax, operations and finance. He is a recognized leader in providing exit and succession planning guidance. He has been named an industry expert by Business Brokerage Press, Inc., a national publisher of educational content for intermediaries and business brokers.

Peter Caltabiano

Founding Partner and CEO of C-Suite IMPACT CFOs

Pete is a business development leader with over 20 years of experience leading process improvements expertise in championing customer experience and cultivating relationships. He has a track record of entrepreneurial success and global growth. He has the capacity to understand people’s mindsets to identify and address, client, customer, and employee pain points, as well as leverage data to improve engagement and retention.

Michael V. Zaremski


Michael Zaremski is the President and CEO of PM Human Capital Solutions. PM Human Capital Solutions is a Prager Metis company that provides full service staffing solutions to clients across the globe.

Mike operates within a highly competitive landscape, finding and placing qualified professionals, senior-level executives, and critical support personnel that fit each client’s individual needs. His company maintains an exclusive and extensive candidate network that also has the capability to provide interim resource management, temporary staffing, interim CFO’s and Controllers to service project-based financial consulting needs.


Chief Executive Officer & President

Barry Jackson has facilitated the practice of law as head of non-legal operations in the Law Firm arena for over 21 years and has over 30 years of law firm experience. Barry was the President of the Association of Legal Administrators in 2006 and also served 5 years on the NYSBA Legal Practices Committee. The NYSBA asked Barry to write Best Practices in Legal Management: A Comprehensive Guide, which was published in 2010 and sold nationwide, becoming a best seller.

lawrence whittam

Associate Vice President Sales

Laurence Whittam is an expert in initiating the transformational journey of CPA firms by helping them scale, leveraging highly-trained resources who work virtually in a secure environment.

His expertise is backed by experience of working with hundreds of firms ranging from small to the top 100 to drive decision-making that achieves growth. He helps optimize a firm’s virtual or remote efficiency by improving processes, maximizing management efficiency, and implementing technology-led digital transformation, such as process automation. His outcomes-focused approach results in firms boosting scalability, bottom-line savings and ensuring they have more time to invest in value-added services that increase revenue.

In addition to providing highly qualified accounting professionals to drive immediate scalability, he utilizes his relationship in the industry to identify problems plaguing accounting firms and directing them to the right growth-centric solutions.

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