David Wolfskehl

Senior Managing Director

David’s role is to ensure the success of our team as well as create and deliver coaching and training programs that will help our clients reach their goals.

David has been an entrepreneur and a guide for entrepreneurs throughout his adult life. After graduation from the University of Arizona, David started A Bridgewater Copy and Print. Remaining within the printing industry for the next 17 years, David next started In A Bind, and merged his operation with Action Fast Print. Action Fast Print became the second largest quick printer in New Jersey for 2002 -2004, according to NJBIZ.

He is the author of The Micro Niche Method:The Pathway to Premium Pricing and Increased Profitability for Today’s CPAs and The Micro Niche Method: Narrow Focus Big Results (Volume 1)The Micro Niche Method is a process that brings Business development success to professional services firms – We have a focus on CPA’s and other consulting practices. If you feel like a commodity – have fee pressure or have trouble growing The Micro Niche Method is your solution.

David has received several business awards, including ARC Employer of the Year and Fortune Small Business Magazine Boss of the Year finalist.

(844)922-8326 x704

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