Eric Steiner

Managing Director, Information Technology

photo of Eric SteinerEric Steiner  spent almost 20 years as the Chief Information Technology Officer  at a Top 50 CPA Firm.  He has specialized in the application of computer hardware and software to meet business needs.  In addition to supervising use of technology, he also advises clients on optimizing their technology use, both for in-place technology and for off-the-shelf and custom-made solutions.

Eric’s expertise includes:

■ Finding technology solutions to business requirements
■ Designing and implementing enterprise-wide computer systems
■ Financial and accounting software
■ Maintaining security and system integrity without sacrificing business needs
■ Network design and implementation
■ Support team organization and execution
■ Application development

Mr. Steiner also served as vice president of technology at J.P. Morgan Chase, where he was responsible for overseeing multiple trading-floor and business technologies. Prior to that he was at Andersen Consulting, where he led the technology efforts of the Strategic Services’ group.

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