Tavi Meketon

Senior VP, Strategy & Education

Tavi has strategic expertise focused on driving growth and directing organizational initiatives across multiple environments by creating and implementing effective solutions that are aligned with long-term objectives.


  • Drove a 42% revenue increase over an eight-year period by creating and implementing a strategic plan focused on comprehensive and consultative financial services.
  • Boosted overall revenue from $3 million to $6 million and increased net operating income by 18% for a wholesale/retail start-up.
  • Grew a wholesale company by 22% through targeted development strategies and a comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Managed the merger and acquisition of four public accounting firms to attract and retain clients and the team at a 98% rate.
  • Implemented numerous personnel policies, compliance programs, performance management systems, data intelligence, and key indicator tracking, which resulted in the increased alignment of goals.
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