Terrell Owens did not make the Football Hall of Fame despite having Statistics that should have made him a first-ballot entrant.

Terrell is second in receiving yards, 3rd in Touchdowns and 8th in receptions.

As Dan Fouts (Hall of Fame QB) discusses in this article, Terrell did not make it because of how he was as a teammate.

Unfortunately, I see this from partners in firms on a regular basis.  Partners act as if the only thing that matters is what they are great at.

Whether it is the rainmaker who is not nice to staff, the technical partner who does not bill on a timely basis or a line partner who spends no time training and improving the staff—excellence is an important  part of being a great partner.

However, excellence in one area and being good in the others is what makes someone a hall of famer.

Do you want to be a one trick pony or do you want to maximize your value to the firm that you are an owner in.

Do you have any Terrell Owens’ on your team? Let us know.