November 6, 2022

“Our firm is nearing the time when several partners will soon be retiring. Since this is a new experience for our firm we began to take a look at our existing agreements and decided that changes were in order. Because partners have different objectives for their retirement we soon reached an impasse on several key issues. We were at a point where progress had stopped and the path forward was not clear. Transition Advisors was able to come into the process at this point, assess the current positioning of the firm, discuss various points of view with each partner individually and as a group and in the end offer solutions that all of the partners could agree on. Having Transition Advisors, an outside, knowledgeable, independent and unbiased third party come into our process in my opinion was the best move we could have made and allowed our firm to develop employment and shareholder agreements that solidify the financial future of the firm while rewarding the partners upon retirement in a financially responsible manner. This was a fantastic experience for our firm and we will be calling upon Transition Advisors in the future.”