I recently read this article about what could be holding you back from success:  

[su_box title=”5 Habits that are Holding You Back” style=”noise” box_color=”#0777bc” radius=”5″] @LollyDaskal – of Lead from Within – published this article on inc.om and it stuck in my mind: 5 Terrible Habits That Hold You Back From Success (there are actually 6 bad habits) [/su_box]

When we facilitate partner retreats, one impactful issue that is all too common is a lack of a clear firm vision.  Often times we find multiple visions that cause friction among the partner group. 

Even worse is when we find no vision except for occasionally tweaking the way things have always been.  

The entire organization needs to be on the same page – with the same set of end goals – if you’re going to get there… and everyone needs to be bought-in and excited about doing it.

One of the biggest consequences of having no clear vision for your firm, as the article discusses, is a lack of motivation that results from your team!

If you are frustrated by where you, individually, or your firm is stuck – call the team together and talk about vision! Once the vision is clear, motivation issues typically fix themselves because your people can see where they’re going, and thus figure out how to get there.

Share your experience with building, revising or achieving your firm’s vision, below: (and of course, achieving a vision just means it’s time for a new vision to carry you forward)

We are available for partner and firm retreats to help you build your vision, or refresh an old vision that is no longer serving you in the 21st century.